As you can probably see from our portfolio of services, we have extensive collective experience. We are however uniquely qualified to provide a far more unbiased advice because we have to work with the products and services that you are considering. 

IT Consultancy

We can provide IT Consultancy by phone, email or on-site in the following disciplines

  • IT Infrastructure and wide area networking
  • IT Support Outsourcing and Support Solutions
  • Back-office Systems and Services
  • Front-office Systems and Applications
  • High Speed Wireless Data and Wide Area Wireless Data
  • Tele-working, Video-Conferencing, Remote Access and Wireless working. 

In addition, we are experienced at providing a comprehensive and unbiased technical appraisal and managerial assessment of any proposal you are considering. Our work would including such details as

  • Real World Price Comparisons for Hardware including negotiated supply contracts
  • Realistic ROI Analysis
  • Risk Assessment both Financial and Operational
  • Scrutiny of Contracts of Supply, Maintenance, Upgrade and Support
  • Recommendations and Opinions for the project. 

The cost of this assessment can in almost all cases be recovered just in the capital hardware savings so it is worthy of serious consideration. 

Our high-end Maintenance and IT Support Agreements as well as our Outsourcing Agreements all have including allocations of consultancy time. 

Technical Consultancy

When you are looking for the most accurate technical support for a new or ongoing project, look no further than GENSupport. Our experienced technical specialists will be able to provide all the information you require and undertake further research as required. Technical Consultants are specialists in their fields and can bring invaluable detail to any project. 


Supply Chain and Procurement Consultancy

Whether your considering a sizeable corporate procurement or just projecting future budgets we can help save you money. We'll pick through quotations and contracts and provide a full analysis including actual hardware and software costs, alternative suppliers and quotes, contractual recommendations and a full technical appraisal. In the past we have been able to offer significant savings to our customers on their corporate expenditure. 

Business Consultancy

No matter how good your IT system is, it can only be as good as the business processes it supports. Conversely, poor IT performance can seriously disrupt business operations. There are many IT Consultancies and Many Business Consultancies, and yet one without the other makes little sense. Your entire IT strategy should be driven by your business processes and yet in so many cases this is not so.


Technical and Legal Arbitration

Are you in dispute with your Customers, Suppliers, Contractors or Consultants? Having an impartial representative with comprehensive technical abilities can help wade through complex technical issues and render a plain English analysis of any dispute. Whether you require technical arbitration or preparation of legal documentary evidence we can provide. 

Specialist and Packaged Consultancy

GEN's IT Healthcheck service provides a comprehensive review of your IT infrastructure culminating in a detailed management report provided on the day.