IT Outsourcing

We already provide 24/7 Instant, Telephone, Remote and On-Site support across Europe in 17 Countries. Our technical staff are trained to the highest standards and are equipped with the latest technology and a back office team second to none.

Corporate IT Support Outsourcing

Whether a small business or Enterprise Customer, outsourcing your IT Support can be a cost effective solution especially when you combine this with Managed Services. The benefits of outsourcing your IT Support are numerous, but some key points a listed below.

  • Single fixed monthly budget
  • No need to over-staff just to cover holidays/sickness
  • Dynamic Allocation of Resources to deal with any situation.
  • Single Point of Contact for your Entire IT Infrastructure

In addition we have many options to supplement your existing IT department with staff and resources on a permanent basis or on demand (to cover for holidays for example). To see more information on IT Outsourcing please visit the main GEN website

White Box Outsourced IT Support

Our outsourcing services are suited to companies who develop software, whether systems or application, and provide telephone/email support to their customers. We can extend your support services by providing localised telephone, email and on-site support at fixed rates based solely on usage.

If your have services or products that require one or all of our support services then we can establish an outsourcing agreement. Within the scope of the agreement, you will provide the required training to our technical staff in your products and services, we will then provide support to your customers using our systems and staff. The method and schedule of payments is flexible and will be negotiated at the time of outsourcing. We can either work as GENSupport or under the umbrella of your companies identity, whichever you choose.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.