Disaster Recovery

Whether Flood, Fire or Theft, when its all gone wrong we have the experience and resources to put it back together again RAPIDLY.
Loosing your IT systems overnight can threaten the very viability of your company, and yet planning for it is often not considered. Well, with GENSupport you don't need to worry because whether you've planned or not we are here to help in the aftermath. 
We have the resources and carry enough stock to be able to replace and configure your core IT infrastructure within a very short timeframe. Furthermore, with our comprehensive IT support agreements we will do all the planning for you and ensure that we carry exactly what you require in stock and make guarantees as to have fast we'll respond if the worst happens. 
We will provide not only ICT Infrastructure, but workstations, telephone lines and systems and even portable buildings to house your company in the meantime.
For more information on our disaster recovery planning services, on-site support and maintenance services or any other service, contact us today.