Mobile Data Services

Have you ever wanted high speed internet in the middle of a field?..... How about hand held credit card processing at trade shows and events?.... Perhaps even a high speed data uplink in the middle of marshland?
GEN Mobile Facilities can provide most services on a mobile platform. We have a number of mobile on-site support vans that have all the onboard systems require to provide a wide range of IT services to anywhere that we can get the vans. 
High Speed Wireless/Wired Internet Access

Provides HCSD/Satellite Uplink for high speed unrestricted internet access either within 5Km of the van via 802.11 wireless or directly wired to the van with up to 100m of  cable. Enabled data delivery/collection in remote areas together with real-time audio/video conferencing and remote access. 

Hand Held and Terminal Based Card Processing

Provides PDA and/or terminal based card processing on a wireless network (within 5Km of the base station van) for trade shows, exhibitions, and events anywhere. Full authentication and authorisation is performed along with transaction confirmation and optional third party back-end integration. Have an great advantage over your competitors at trade shows with this powerful service.

Other solutions that we've provided are:
  • On site data processing and analysis on major archaeological sites with data upload to the internet. 
  • Real-time video streaming at outdoor events. 
  • High Speed Internet Access to construction sites for site agents and contractors to utilise. 

And many more. For more information on this service and to discus your requirements, contact us today.