Data & Network Security

Have you ever considered the value of your data to your competitors? Would you be surprised to learn that there is a thriving underworld of data theft, blackmail and industrial espionage? 
Drive down any street in a metropolitan area with WiFi Equipment and I guarantee you'll find at least one company that's installed a wireless access point from some no-name retailer and just plugged it into their network. What they don't realise is that their entire network is now available to anyone with the right equipment parked up outside. Give the right person 10 minutes and all your data is now copied to a laptop in a car and being driven off down the road. "If I can do it, then so can someone else".

Your data may be worth something, it may not, but its theft will doubtless effect you in many ways you may never have considered. Think about it for a moment... what would a criminal do with your data?.... who would he contact, who would he threaten, or blackmail?... its a frightening thought. 

Many consultancies concentrate on the point at which your company connects to the internet, and this is an important consideration, but in all reality its not the most likely risk to your data. In our experience your data is most at risk from (in order of likelihood)....
  1. Unsecured or Badly Secured WiFi Points
  2. Theft of a laptop from an employee
  3. Entry to the company premises by deception. 
  4. Corruption and/or compromise of employees. 
  5. The Internet Gateway

Consider the list above, that's just the top 5!. 

Remember, no system is impenetrable, as long as people are involved there's always a way in. However, it is all a matter of risk assessment and appropriate prevention. Risk assessments will be carried out automatically during the initial few weeks of any new IT Support contract with GENSupport and it is something we take very seriously. Proactive support options provide periodic security penetration assessments and ongoing risk assessments as part of the package.
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