Remote Technical Support

Remote Support to the workstation user brings swift and comprehensive problem resolution at the touch of a button. In order to better show the benefits of remote support, over telephone support, we have analysed a real telephone support call :
Step Actions Minutes Seconds
1 Call Preamble (Getting name, account number, checking account, getting account details) 1 33
2 Issue Description (Getting a description of the issue and understanding it) 3 44
3 First Set of Instructions (Diagnostic Instructions to confirm Part 2 and establish route to resolution) 4 04
4 Instructions to resolve Issue 11 26
5 Verification of resolution 1 50
Total Time for Support Call 22 37
Remote Support is different, because we can take complete control of the computer and resolve the issues remotely without any interaction from the client. This means that Step 2 and 3 above are obsolete, and that step 4 and 5 are greatly reduced as our technician does not need to interface through the client. In talking to the technician who took the above call, he would expect to spend no more than 5 minutes connected via remote support in order to resolve and verify the issue above. This represents a significant saving in not only support charges, but also in the time lost by the client whilst trying to resolve the issue. 
Remote Support also offers a far quicker route to preventative and proactive maintenance on servers. We can regularly connect remotely to your servers and check event logs, clear caches, defragment disks, install service packs and fixes, and verify configurations.

Infrastructure support allows us to monitor and maintain your core networking technologies remotely and provides a more comprehensive business cover as we can identify problems before they become critical, and schedule on-site support before you even make the call. 

Remote Configuration Support provides you with virtually instant re-configuration of your servers, infrastructure and telephone systems remotely. We can administer your network security, user security, backup's and warehousing, voicemail, telephone systems, and almost any administrable network infrastructure. 

GEN Remote Support is priced on a time taken basis, as with most support options. Volume, Multiple Service Options and contractual support will attract discounts against the pricing below.

Pricing for Server and Infrastructure Remote Support are dependent on Hardware, Software, Access Method and Service Level Agreement and will be quoted on a per server or per site basis.