Traditional Telephone Support is an established service offering and a requirement for many clients. Despite the advances in technology and our Instant and Remote Support Services, being able to pick up the telephone and contact someone is an invaluable resource for any business.

Almost All Information Technology Issues can be categorised into three groups.

  • User Support; When a computer or peripheral user cannot make something operate because they do not posses the knowledge required to perform the task. In this case our technicians will instruct the user in clear and step by step instructions. In some cases it will be the opinion of the technician that the client would be better served by either remote support or on-site support and this can be arranged.
  • Technical Support; When a competent user is having technical issues with a hardware or software system. This includes technical support to operating system and component level. Technical support will often be undertaken by another department of technicians.
  • Developer Support; Assisting Software Developers and Hardware integrators to interface with our products and services. This level of support is priced in accordance with the support agreement in place at the time of purchase and is not specified here.

Service Level Agreements; provide guarantees on the level of service you will receive from a Telephone Support Contract. These SLA's define the response times and coverage that you require and cover all support options.

GEN Telephone Support is priced on a time taken basis, as with most support options. Volume, Multiple Service Options and contractual support will attract discounts.