When its all going wrong and you need someone RIGHT NOW, then GEN's Emergency Support is the service for you. With hardware and software experts on standby 24 hours a day across the UK we are able to respond to your needs with the minimum of delay.

Modern systems are generally very reliable and cause little trouble, but when they do go wrong they can have a devastating effect on your business. GEN's complete service and support offerings provide tailored cover for your business critical systems at a cost to suit your budget. There are times however when you need support remotely or on site urgently and we have this service for just that eventuality.

Emergency support is designed to provide near immediate support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and once we're on the job don't stop until its done. We'll assign all the resources we require to complete urgent jobs within the timescales if at all possible. We can deal with Dead Servers, Data/Disaster Recovery, Virus/Malware infections, Security Breaches, Information Theft, Networking Hardware Failure, Wireless Systems, Laptops, PDA's and much more. So whether your Windows Server won't start up, or you've dropped your laptop in a lake WE CAN HELP.

We can support, repair and resolve all windows based systems, Linux based systems, Solaris (and most Unix Flavours). We have a large stock of spares for HP, Compaq and IBM Servers and a range of generic parts. We have complete workstations, laptops, servers, disk arrays, backup systems, SANs and network hardware built and ready for loan or supply.

As soon as your have ordered Emergency Support, you will be contacted by one of our Engineers to discuss the job and make any arrangements necessary.

If you have an existing IT Support Agreement with us, then you can still use this service to request support although different charges may apply.


GEN Emergency Support is based on Time and Materials. There is an initial call-out charge and then an hourly rate plus any hardware and software required.


Thank you for considering us for Emergency Support. If you already have a support agreement then please raise a priority case at the HelpDesk.

If you do not have a support agreement but your issue is not mission critical then please raise the case at the HelpDesk and resources will be allocated to resolve your issues.

If you DO NOT have a support agreement and your issue IS mission critical then please continue with this form.

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Selecting the primary reason for your emergency support request will allow us to direct this to the most appropriate team.

Please briefly describe the crisis, but please use only letters numbers and basic punctuation.

Once you initiate this Emergency Support request then we will charge £250 for our response and first hour. Subsequent hours are charged at £250 from 09:00-18:00 and £360 from 18:01-08:59. You need to agree that you understand these terms and agree to them.

You must agree to the terms before we can begin work

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