DNS & HTTP Analysis for zd.map.fastly.net

Processing Domain zd.map.fastly.net on 29/04/2021 11:54:45

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  • The version of the data model that was used in this report is 1.008
  • The version that produced this report is 1.023b

Processing DNS Records

Basic Checks

Here we check the basic functioning and security of your DNS

  • Zone Queries 3 Record Types and 6 Records Found
  • Zone Transfer Failed
  • Zone Dump
    • NS
      • fastly.net. TTL 2351 ns1.fastly.net.
      • fastly.net. TTL 2351 ns2.fastly.net.
      • fastly.net. TTL 2351 ns3.fastly.net.
      • fastly.net. TTL 2351 ns4.fastly.net.
    • SOA
      • fastly.net. TTL 28 ns1.fastly.net. hostmaster.fastly.com. 2017052201 3600 600 604800 30
    • A
      • zd.map.fastly.net. TTL 24


Here we check the setup of your nameservers. All nameservers on your domain should be listed in the zone and returned in an ANY query along with corresponding A and/or AAAA records resolving their address.

  • All Name Servers on Different Subnets

Processing 0 TXT Records

Processing 0 MX (Mail Exchanger) Records

These Records determine the servers (mail servers) responsible for handling your incomming email. Each service is given a priority and they will be used in that order. If all the priorities are the same then they will be used in a round-robin fashion

    Processing 0 CNAME (Alias) Records

    These records are aliases making one hostname relate to another. These are often used to match hosts back to clusters or internal referencs that may change.

      Processing 1 A (IPv4 Address) Records

      These records define the IP Addresse(s) of the servers responsible for hosting your webiste and other resouces on your domain. The www record is the most common one and will be used to identify your website address

      • Host: zd.map.fastly.net. = IP: [] Valid Reachable (8.591ms)

      Processing AAAA (IPv6 Address) Records

      These records define the IP Addresse(s) of the servers responsible for hosting your webiste and other resouces on your domain

        Processing Domain Public Records

        • We have been unable to find the website IP from the zone
        • Unable to find an address for the website even after additional lookups
        • No Website Found - There is no www address record in your domain's zone

          Processing Completed

          • Performance Profile
            • DNS Lookups : 0.10 seconds
            • DNS Folding/Unfolding : 0.00 seconds
            • DNS Nameserver Checks : 0.00 seconds
            • DNS TXT Records : 0.00 seconds
            • DNS MX Records : 0.00 seconds
            • DNS CNAME : 0.00 seconds
            • DNS Address : 0.02 seconds

          The process is now completed and the results are shown above. The raw processing data is available HERE. Please take a moment to consider each test and its response. DNS, SMTP and HTTP are not simple protocols and it is way beyond the scope of this tool to suggest improvements, but you are welcome to request assistance via our Forum.