DNS & HTTP Analysis for neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk/

Processing Domain neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk on 18/10/2021 10:46:52

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  • The version of the data model that was used in this report is 1.008
  • The version that produced this report is 1.023b

Processing DNS Records

Basic Checks

Here we check the basic functioning and security of your DNS

  • Zone Queries 5 Record Types and 8 Records Found
  • Zone Transfer Failed
  • Zone Dump
    • A
      • neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. TTL 14400
    • MX
      • neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. TTL 14400 0 neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk.
    • NS
      • neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. TTL 86400 ns1.ho-ost.com.
      • neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. TTL 86400 ns2.ho-ost.com.
      • neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. TTL 86400 ns3.ho-ost.com.
      • neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. TTL 86400 ns4.ho-ost.com.
    • SOA
      • neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. TTL 86400 ns1.ho-ost.com. hello.ho-ost.com. 2021100103 3600 1800 1209600 86400
    • CNAME
      • www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. TTL 14400 neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk.


Here we check the setup of your nameservers. All nameservers on your domain should be listed in the zone and returned in an ANY query along with corresponding A and/or AAAA records resolving their address.

  • ns3.ho-ost.com Found and Match. (Missing from Zone Address Records )
  • ns2.ho-ost.com Found and Match. (Missing from Zone Address Records )
  • ns1.ho-ost.com Found and Match. (Missing from Zone Address Records )
  • ns4.ho-ost.com Found and Match. (Missing from Zone Address Records )
  • All Name Servers SHOULD BE on Different Subnets

Processing 0 TXT Records

Processing 1 MX (Mail Exchanger) Records

These Records determine the servers (mail servers) responsible for handling your incomming email. Each service is given a priority and they will be used in that order. If all the priorities are the same then they will be used in a round-robin fashion

  • Priority 0 handled by host neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. [] Valid
    • Email Handled Locally
    • Forward DNS aenentrenamiento.com
    • Reverse DNS aenentrenamiento.com
    • Port 25 (smtp) : Open
      • Not Listed in any blacklists

Processing 1 CNAME (Alias) Records

These records are aliases making one hostname relate to another. These are often used to match hosts back to clusters or internal referencs that may change.

  • www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk.

Processing 1 A (IPv4 Address) Records

These records define the IP Addresse(s) of the servers responsible for hosting your webiste and other resouces on your domain. The www record is the most common one and will be used to identify your website address

  • Host: neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk. = IP: [] Valid Reachable (89.702ms)

Processing AAAA (IPv6 Address) Records

These records define the IP Addresse(s) of the servers responsible for hosting your webiste and other resouces on your domain

    Processing Domain Public Records

      Domain Name WHOIS Information - neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk

      • Domain name
      • neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk
      • Data validation
      • Nominet was able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source on 07-Jun-2020
      • Registrar
      • Fasthosts Internet Ltd [Tag = LIVEDOMAINS]
      • URL: http://www.fasthosts.co.uk
      • Relevant dates
      • Registered on 24-Dec-2018
      • Expiry date 24-Dec-2021
      • Last updated 24-Nov-2020
      • Registration status
      • Registered until expiry date.
      • Name servers
      • ns1.exubeservers.net
      • ns2.exubeservers.net
      • ns3.exubeservers.net
      • ns4.exubeservers.net
      • WHOIS lookup made at 11:41:02 18-Oct-2021

      Website Hosting WHOIS Information -

      • QuickPacket, LLC QP-IPV4-7 (NET-107-161-112-0-1) -
      • QuickPacket, LLC QP-IPV4-ATL (NET-107-161-112-0-2) -

    Processing Website

      Website Headers for www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk

      We will obtain the headers from your website and parse them for validity

      • Web Server is Apache
      • Server header does not contain version information
      • Request Response HTTP/1.1 200 OK OK
      • SSL is available and enabled
        • /CN=*.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk
        • Locality
        • Organisation
        • Certificate Scope *.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk
        Certificate Issuer
        • Country US
        • Organisation Let's Encrypt
        • Certificate Scope R3
        Certificate Validity
        • Valid From 210823011355Z
        • Valid To 211121011354Z
        Certificate Ciphers
        • SN RSA-SHA256
        • LN sha256WithRSAEncryption
        Certificate Extensions
        • Alternative Hostnames DNS:*.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk, DNS:neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk
        • Key Usage TLS Web Server Authentication, TLS Web Client Authentication
    • There was no redirection
    • General

      • allow Valid methods for a specified resource after a 405 : Missing
      • location For Redirects specifies the target : Missing
      • connection Control options for the current connection [Upgrade]
      • x-powered-by Specifies Technology in use - Security Risk : Missing
      • x-aspnet-version Specifies the ASP.net version - Security Risk : Missing
      • accept-ranges To advertise its support of partial requests : Missing
      • link Used to express typed relationship with another resource [; rel="https://api.w.org/"]
      • upgrade HTTP/2 (The latest and faster version of HTTP is available [h2,h2c]


      • referrer-policy Modifies the algorithm used to populate the Referer Header : Missing
      • x-xss-protection Prevents pages loading when XSS is detected : Missing
      • feature-policy Allow or Deny the use of browser features : Missing
      • p3p Platform for Privacy Preferences : Missing
      • content-security-policy CSP Content Security Policy : Missing
      • x-frame-options Can we open this response in an iframe : Missing

      Cross Origin

      • access-control-allow-origin Can we share the response with the given origin : Missing
      • access-control-allow-credentials Tells Browsers whether to expose the response to frontend JavaScript : Missing
      • access-control-expose-headers Indicates which headers can be exposed as part of the Response : Missing
      • access-control-max-age Indicates how long the results of a preflight request can be stored : Missing
      • access-control-allow-methods Methods allowed when accessing the resource in response to a preflight request : Missing
      • access-control-allow-headers Indicates which headers can be used during the actual request : Missing


      • content-language The natural language or languages of the intended audience : Missing
      • transfer-encoding The form of encoding used : Missing
      • content-length The length of the response body : Missing
      • content-type The Media type of the Response Body [text/html; charset=UTF-8]
      • date The date and time of generation [Mon, 18 Oct 2021 10:41:03 GMT]
      • content-disposition An opportunity to raise a File Download dialogue box : Missing
      • content-encoding The type of encoding/compression used on the Response : Missing
      • content-location An alternate location for the returned data : Missing
      • content-range Where in a full body message this partial message belongs : Missing
      • etag An identifier for a specific version of a resource : Missing
      • vary how to match future request headers [User-Agent]
      • x-content-type-options Types in Content-Type should NOT be changed : Missing


      • cache-control Tells caches whether they may cache this object : Missing
      • expires Gives the date/time after which the response is considered stale : Missing
      • last-modified The last modified date for the requested object : Missing
      • pragma Implementation-specific fields for caching : Missing
      • x-cache-action From an Intermediate cache : Missing
      • x-cache-hits Intermediate Cache Hits count : Missing
      • x-cache-age Intermediate Cache Content Age : Missing
      • via Informs the client of proxies through which the response was sent : Missing
      • age The Age this page has been cached in a proxy : Missing
      • x-served-by The Cache that served this response : Missing
      • x-cache Indicates if the cache served cached content : Missing
      • x-via-fastly Specific headers from Fastly : Missing

      Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Policy

      • strict-transport-security A HSTS Policy for the client with scope : Missing

      Cookies and Fragments

      • set-cookie Cookie Data to store locally : Missing


      • x-backend-server Identifies the backend server providing this response : Missing
      • x-robots-tag Search engine Robot Directive : Missing
      • gen Used by some of the GEN Tools to verify zone ownership : Missing
      • cf-cache-status Cloudflare Specific Header indicating cache status for this response : Missing
      • x-aspnetmvc-version ASP MVC Version Number - Security Risk : Missing


    • You have a robots.txt file and it appears to be valid
      • Allow Entries (1) - Specific Allow
        • Disallow Entries (1) - Specific Disallow
          • Sitemap Entries (1) - Sitemaps
            • https://www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk/wp-sitemap.xml
          • Other Entries (1)

        Processing Website Profile Data

          Website Render for www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk

          Technology Profile neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk

          We will check for fingerprints of common website technologies

            • Name : WordPress
            • Confidence : high
            • Version : 5.8.1

          MOZ Rank Profile http://www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk/

          We will retrieve your Ranking Profile from Moz.com

          • 97 The number of external, equity links
          • 125 The number of internal and external equity and non-equity links
          • 21 The Domain Authority (DA) ( 0->100 )
          • 24 The Page Authority (PA) ( 0->100 )
          • 2.400000095 The MozRank of the Domain ( 0->10 )

          Google Safe Browsing http://www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk/

          We will retrieve Safe Browsing Status from Google

          • This site is NOT listed as being unsafe by Google

          PhishTank Lookup http://www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk/

          We will check PhishTank to see if your site is listed

          • This site is NOT listed as being unsafe by PhishTank

          Alexa Rank Profile http://www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk/

          We will retrieve your Ranking Profile from Alexa.com

          • The number of external in links
          • Un-Ranked Your Alexa Rank

          Meta Profile http://www.neighbourhoodprioritysurvey.co.uk/

          We will check the entire body for metadata

          • viewport : width=device-width, initial-scale=1
          • robots : max-image-preview:large
          • generator : WordPress 5.8.1

        Processing Completed

        • Performance Profile
          • DNS Lookups : 2.04 seconds
          • DNS Folding/Unfolding : 0.00 seconds
          • DNS Nameserver Checks : 0.00 seconds
          • DNS TXT Records : 0.00 seconds
          • DNS MX Records : 0.49 seconds
          • DNS CNAME : 0.00 seconds
          • DNS Address : 0.11 seconds
          • WHOIS Lookups : 0.40 seconds
          • First CURL : 0.84 seconds
          • SSL Lookup : 0.96 seconds
          • Header Parsing : 0.00 seconds
          • Robots.txt Parsing : 0.43 seconds
          • Website Profile : 5.00 seconds
          • Website MozData : 0.51 seconds
          • Safe Browsing : 0.09 seconds
          • PhishTank : 0.06 seconds
          • Website Alexa : 0.45 seconds
          • Website META : 0.29 seconds

        The process is now completed and the results are shown above. The raw processing data is available HERE. Please take a moment to consider each test and its response. DNS, SMTP and HTTP are not simple protocols and it is way beyond the scope of this tool to suggest improvements, but you are welcome to request assistance via our Forum.